6 Surefire Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google AdSense

6 Surefire Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google AdSense
6 Surefire Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google AdSense

Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google AdSense - There are many ways to get additional income from the internet, one that is popular for Bloggers or content creators is to become a Google Adsense partner.

Even though there are many advertiser sites other than Google Adsense, the advantages offered by Google's service make bloggers prefer Adsense for their blog content.

Many bloggers who submit applications to AdSense but are always rejected for various reasons because they do not meet the requirements to be able to monetize their blogs. Then are there any tips so that the blog can be quickly accepted by Google Adsense?

6 Surefire Tips for Blogs to be Accepted by Google AdSense

From my personal experience there are several tips that can be done so that the blog can be easily accepted by Google Adsense, one of which is as follows:

1. Use SEO Templates

Blogs that use SEO templates are preferred by Google because they have an attractive appearance, good performance and are responsive on various devices. This will make it easier for Google to index.

In addition, visitors will also feel at home reading content on the blog because the blog looks attractive and SEO Friendly.

2. Easy to Use and Clear Navigation

Navigation is an important part of a blog, creating a clear blog navigation structure whose function is to make it easier and provide a good experience when visitors interact on the blog.

When creating navigation either in the header or footer consider several things such as layout, readability and function. The navigation menu itself can be a homepage , about us , privacy , contact and sitemap .

In addition to navigation that leads to certain information, also create a navigation menu that can be used by visitors as a shortcut to determine a piece of content.

3. Unique, Interesting and Original Content

Blog content that is unique, interesting and different from other blogs is definitely much liked by visitors. Because they get quality information. This can attract visitors to return to our blog at another time.

Not only that, our blog also allows it to be recommended to others. This can affect vistor visits which can increase every day.

Therefore, in creating content, it is necessary to pay attention to Google's policy which does not create content copy-pastebecause it will be considered duplicate content by Google.

In addition, never create content and place links to pornography, gambling and illegal content. The impact of the blog will be considered spam and disappear from search engines.

4. Enough number of blog articles

Don't rush to sign up for Adsense, pay attention to the number of articles you make. Even though there is no benchmark provided by Google to be accepted by Adsense, there is nothing wrong with making more articles before registering a blog with Google Adsense.

My own experience when applying for adsense already has 10 articles with 300+ words. But it doesn't stop there during the review process by the Google team, as much as possible, the blog is always updated, posting unique, interesting and original articles so that Google Adsense can quickly accept them.

5. Number of Blog Visitors

Make articles that are rich in information so that articles and blogs will be crowded with visitors. Even though there is no minimum visitor limit, there is nothing wrong with continuing to increase traffic so that Google Adsense can accept it.

Learning and understanding the principles of SEO techniques and SEO supporting tools can help increase blog visitors from search engines faster.

6. Just Google AdSense

Enough here doesn't mean you can't register for advertising services other than Google. According to the experience of other bloggers, when a blog is about to be registered with Google Adsense, there should be no ad slots from other services first.

Because logically how can adsense be accepted if the ad slot has been filled by another similar ad. Because it's important to remove other ad banners first before registering for Adsense.

This is to convince Google that the blogs that we have will only display their ads.


So, those were 6 surefire tips for blogs to be accepted by Google AdSense . If this article is useful, you can share and recommend it to friends who need it, if you have other questions, you can ask via comments.


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