How to Insert Adsense Code in WordPress Header

How to Insert Adsense Code in WordPress Header
How to Insert Adsense Code in WordPress Header

The first time we register for Google Adsense , we are required to enter the code provided by Google to be installed on the blog/website that is registered, this initial code functions to connect the blog to the Adsense account.

By default, Google will suggest applying the Adsense code after registering, namely placing it between the Tag <head>and </head>. Then how do you apply the code to a blog template in WordPress?

For Blogger users, it might be quite easy to apply the Adsense code to the template, because the structure of the Blogger template blends together so it's very easy. In contrast to the wordpress template which has several separate sections. So it will be difficult to apply the adsense code manually if you don't know the head code is tired. Then how to apply the adsense code the first time you register on WordPress?

How to Implement Adsense Code in WordPress Header

There are many ways to apply the Adsense code to the head on WordPress, one of the easy ways is to use a plugin that is installed on your WordPress account.

But this method will of course take up space, so another alternative is to install it manually, so here are the steps.

Step #1 : Open your WordPress dashboard, go to the Appearance > Theme Editor menu .

Step #2 : The second step, on the right side, click on the file Header / themeheader.php

Step #3 : Then search for the html code </head>, if it's hard to find, you can use the search feature by pressing (CTRL+F).

Step #4: If you have found it, then paste your Adsense code right above the code. Then it will look like the following.

Step #5 : Then Click " Update file " to save the result.

So now you have successfully entered the Adsense code in the WordPress Header manually very easily. That way you can continue the Adsense registration process and if it's connected properly, all you have to do is wait for the results of the review by the Google Adsense team whether your blog accepts Adsense or not.


So, that was How to Install Adsense Code in WordPress Head without a Plugin. Pretty easy right? If this article is useful, you can share and recommend it to friends who need it, if you have problems you can ask via the comments column.

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