The Simple Way to Get a Custom YouTube Channel URL

The Simple Way to Get a Custom YouTube Channel URL
The Simple Way to Get a Custom YouTube Channel URL

YouTube is a much-loved online platform today for watching videos, music, tutorials and other videos such as education, news, films, documentation and other creative content. It's no wonder YouTube is the most popular online platform today with more than one billion monthly users. internet usage accessing YouTube.

Not just for watching, the YouTube platform also provides an opportunity for creators to create and upload videos to their application, that is, only with one condition of having a YouTube Channel account. Well, talking about YouTube channels this time I will share a tutorial on how to make a Custom URL for your Chanel address on YouTube. But what is a YouTube Custom URL?

A custom URL is an address with a special url that can be used to direct you to our YouTube account channel page, where the advantage of this URL is that it looks professional and of course makes it easy to remember when other people will access the channel that we have on YouTube.

For example, when we create a YouTube channel, the YouTube channel that is created will automatically get an address in the form of a random link or URL, where the url address is in the form of a random set of characters that are difficult to remember. For example, like the YouTube channel url below.

Above is an example of a url that is randomly generated automatically the first time we create a YouTube channel or channel. There's nothing wrong with URLs like that, but it would be very inconvenient if we want to promote by sharing the url address with other people, where you have to remember and type in a long url with a set of characters.
This is where the role of the Custom URL is very useful, where we can make a YouTube account channel address that is easy to remember and attractive as we wish, and even make it look professional by making a Custom YouTube URL according to the name of our Chanel account. But how do you create a Custom YouTube Channel URL?

How to Create a Custom YouTube Channel URL

YouTube itself has provided a custom url option or feature for the YouTube channel we created, where we can change the YouTube channel url as we wish. As an example of the following Channel URL
// Custom YouTube Channel Url
When compared to the initial channel URL above, of course this URL looks interesting and easy to remember, right? So, to be able to get a Custom channel url like this, of course there are a number of YouTube requirements that must be met, what are the requirements? Don't worry, YouTube's requirements for getting a custom url like this aren't as difficult or complicated as your doi's requirements to become a crush.

YouTube Channel URL Custom Requirements

To create a custom YouTube channel url, you only need to fulfill 4 easy requirements. What are they? Now, here's a statement to get a Custom YouTube channel url

1. Already Get 100 Subscribe

To be able to get a custom url, your YouTube channel must have gotten a minimum of 100 subscribers or more , so for those of you who don't have more subscribers than these requirements you can try asking friends, relatives and family for help to subscribe to your channel account.

2. Minimum Age of 30 Days

The second requirement is that your YouTube channel must be at least 30 days old or more. So if your channel is still under that age, try to be patient a little longer by continuing to feed your channel by sharing interesting, unique and useful video content so that your " little one starts to be active ".

3. Already Using Photos for the Channel Icon

Yup, this is not just a requirement but it is also a must to install a profile icon on your YouTube channel, which apart from being a requirement to be able to get a custom channel URL, this step is also an icon or identity so that it is easy to recognize, that this is indeed our channel. with that profile.

4. Already Installed Channel Header Photos

What about the 4th requirement? Yoi, the header photo at the top of your YouTube channel, usually in the header contains an image of information or whatever you want to display such as a promotion. You can install YouTube headers as you wish.


So, that was a simple and easy way to get your custom YouTube channel url, how easy isn't it? Or is it difficult? Or complicated like doi? In my opinion, this is an easy way that YouTube provides to get a professional custom YouTube channel url. That way you will benefit a lot from this feature or option starting from
  1. Urls are easy to remember
  2. It's easier to promote the Channel
  3. Build branding , because by using a custom channel url using your name or product, people will be aware of your brand.
So with a number of reasons for these benefits, we have to do a quick gas poll to meet the requirements above so we can change the default url to a custom YouTube account url.

Hopefully this article can be useful, don't forget to share and also check out our videos on YouTube, no less important, don't forget to subscribe to YouTube, marwat tech, using the button below, okay?

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