What Is Google Sitelink and How to Get It?

What Is Google Sitelink and How to Get It?
What Is Google Sitelink and How to Get It?

What Is Google Sitelink and How to Get It? 

Ranking good for key keywords allows blogs to bring in consistent and relevant traffic to help websites develop.

Google Sitelink is a great way to increase the ratio Click through Rate (CTR), which will help bring in more traffic, as well as strengthen SEO.

No wonder many bloggers want to get sitelink on their blog. Then what is Google Sitelink and how do you get it?

What Is Google Sitelink?

Sitelink is a collection of links from the same domain that are grouped in search engine results (SERP) which are presented with a brief description.

Usually sitelinks appear when we look for a brand on a blog, web, or poduk. For example, when I try to type a brand keyword in a search engine, the results will come out.
This sitelink function provides a better user experience and allows users to go directly to the selected information page quickly.

Google analyzes the website's link structure to find relevant and appropriate shortcuts which will then be displayed into a sitelink on the SERP page.

Then how do you get sitelink on the google search page for our website?

How to Get Sitelink from Google

In search documentation, sitelink is provided automatically by Google which is entirely dependent on Google's algorithm.

So if the site structure is difficult to analyze properly or there is no keyword sitelink that is relevant for user queries, google will not display sitelinks.

However, in practice Google provides the best advice for being able to get sitelink in search engine results, which is to estimate the website in the following way :

Has a Unique Website Name

Google Sitelinks are mostly displayed for certain brand search keywords. Having a unique brand name will easily get a ranking in the first position of SERP.
Avoid using generic names like "Cheap Gadget Store Site", because it is difficult for Google to know whether users browse gadget stores in general or special brands.

It is important to specify the brand name of a blog, web, or poduk as an identity so that Google can easily understand the user's keyword.

Rank #1 for the Website

Google Sitelink is only displayed for the first search results, in other words the name of the website brand must be ranked #1 if you want to get a chance to get sitelink.

Because it uses a unique website name that is useful for strengthening keyword branding to make it easier for Google to understand user intentions when searching our website.

Content quality, SEO optimization and promotion it is also important to build the reputation and trust of the audience to get many visitors.

Clear Site Structure and Navigation Data

As explained earlier, that websites with complicated or unclear structures are more difficult to crawl by Google's search engine, and are difficult to navigate by users.

Here is a simple example of an easy-to-understand website structure

Google will consider that pages that are directly connected to the homepage as important pages. These important pages will be displayed by Google on Sitelink.

Listing pages that play an important role in the homepage is the right step like About, Contact and Product/Service.

Because clear homepage navigation is the main key so that the website has a good reputation for being arranged by visitors or even SERP.

Add an XML Site Map to the Google Search Console

Site Map helps search engines to understand and crawl a website, and to determine what pages are on a website.

If the website structure is clear and linked sitemap.xml to account Google Search Console, Google will have the ability to crawl every link in sitemap.

During this crawling process google will index to their database and determine which pages will be displayed as web links on the most relevant SERP.

Build Good Internal Links

Internal Link is the URL that goes to all articles or pages from one website. In other words this Internal Link is a link that leads from one page to another on the same website.
Build Good Internal Links
Build Good Internal Links

Apart from being an effort to improve the SEO website, internal links also make it easier for visitors to move on to relevant topics that are relevant and useful to readers.

Many large websites that apply internal links are tuned their articles rather than using external links.

Because internal links help Google crawlers navigate the website better to external links which if extenal links are linked are not considered good by google.

Relevant Page Title and Permalink

Page titles and permalinks are one of the most important SEO elements on the website. The title or permalink is a short point of the content itself.

When the title and permalink or description have nothing to do with the page content it will certainly confuse Google. The algorithm is difficult to determine the level of trust and site authority the.

For example the title of the XYZ article has XYZ permalink and XYZ description, this signals the algorithm that the site does indeed discuss XYZ.

This is also a building practice SEO-friendly content to improve the quality of a website.


Now that Definition of Google Sitelink and How to Get It, You can also learn sitelink on the google search center page. If this article is useful you can share and recommend it to friends who need this trick.


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